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About GYOKUROEN Konbucha (Kelp tea)

GYOKUROEN Konbucha is made with Rausu kelp which ranks as the top quality kelp, living only in the Kunashiri island side of Shiretoko Peninsula (world natural heritage site), Hokkaido.
It is brown, tall and also called ‘Rishiri type enagaoni kelp’ in Japan (a scientific name is Laminaria diabolica Miyabe). Due to low production volume and high quality, Rausu kelp is the most expensive kelp.

It is important to digest and absorb efficiently to take various nourishment of kelp. Thereby, we pulverize Rausu kelp dried (and condensed umami) by far infrared ray into ultra-fine particles. GYOKUROEN Konbucha can be characterized by cloud-like kelp color thing in the cup when you pour the hot water onto kelp tea powder.

We finish GYOKUROEN Konbucha into large granule except business use and an economy size.
This is to be soluble, to maintain a constant quality and to lengthen the shelf life.

Kelp tea of the GYOKUROEN is used not only drinking, but also as a seasoning.
Besides usage as secret ingredient (subtle seasoning to bring out the flavor) for Japanese Recipes like one-pot dish, pickles, Osuimono(clear broth soup) at home, it is used for business use, for instance at spaghetti-shop, delicatessen and the lunch box store.
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13-19 Sekiguti 1 Chome, Bunkyo Ku, Tokyo-to 112-0014, JAPAN