13-19 Sekiguti 1 Chome, Bunkyo Ku, Tokyo-to 112-0014, JAPAN



Beautiful, distinctive four seasons in Japan gave us a varied calendar of living.

At the same time, various foodstuffs having rich flavor of each season has cultivated the sense of taste of Japanese.

As a matter of fact, a number of fine articles of food produced by keen sense of Japanese are applauded around the world.

“Kelp tea”, we GYOKUROEN have made for more than 90 years is the representative one.

We successfully commercialized instant drink powder "Kelp tea" which is rich in umami and nutritious delicacy of kelp for the first time in the initial of the Taisho Era (1918).

"Kelp tea" has been welcomed as a new drink by the unique flavor and taste.

Since then, we have been making efforts to improve product, develop taste, and built the position of the top manufacturers of "Kelp tea" both in name and reality.

In recent years, umami of "Kelp tea" has been unexpectedly accepted by the market, used as a natural seasoning different from chemical seasoning, then the demand for it showed a sharp increase.

We will continue to make better-tasting drink in the future.

 Chief Executive Officer 
 Hidemasa Fujita 

Company Information

  Trade name GYOKUROEN Co., Ltd  

  Chief Executive Officer Hidemasa Fujita  

  Headquarters office 13-19 Sekiguti 1 Chome,
Bunkyo Ku,Tokyo-to 112-0014, JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3260-6464 (Main Number)
FAX +81-3-3260-5360


  Distribution center 5-17-5 Higashi Tokorosawa, Tokorosawa city,
Saitama Prefecture 359-0021, JAPAN
TEL +81-4-2944-6677
FAX +81-4-2945-0281

  Tokorozawa Factory 208 Hongou,Tokorosawa city,
Saitama Prefecture 359-0022, JAPAN
TEL +81-4-2944-0191 (Main Number)
FAX +81-4-2944-0192

  Tea room 1-14-1 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo-to 112-0014, JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3269-7060

  Incorporation January 10, 1963  

  Capital 96 Millon Yen  

  Business contents Production and sale of the Kelp tea, the Japanese plum Kelp tea, the Shiitake mushroom tea, the Green tea, and the Barley tea, Oolong tea for the GYOKUROEN food industry corporation.  

  Main customer ITOCHU Corporation, KOKUBU & CO.,LTD., Including YAMAMOTOYAMA Co.,ltd., Japanese nationwide tea specialty store, Mega store, Convenience store, Famous department store, etc.  

Affiliated company

   Incorporation May, 1954  
   Capital 307,8 Million Yen  
   13-19 Sekiguti 1 Chome, Bunkyo ku, Tokyo 112-0014, JAPAN  
   TEL +81-3-3260-6464 (Main Number) FAX +81-3-3260-5360  

  Osaka GYOKUROEN Ltd.  
   Establishment April, 1965  
   Capital 10 milion Yen  
   6-9 Miharamachi, Tennoji ku, Osaka 543-0027, JAPAN  
   TEL +81-6-6761-7331 FAX +81-6-6763-4755  

  Nagoya GYOKUROEN Ltd.  
   Establishment September, 1969  
   Capital 10 milion Yen  
   4-2-7 Kinjo, Kita ku, Nagoya, Aichi-Prefecture 462-0847, JAPAN  
   TEL +81-52-913-5778 FAX +81-52-914-3778  

  Fujita Industries Ltd.  
   Capital 220.2 Million Yen  
   2-20-2 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa ku, Tokyo 141-0022, JAPAN  
GYOKUROEN TEL +81-3-3260-6464 (Main Number)
13-19 Sekiguti 1 Chome, Bunkyo Ku, Tokyo-to 112-0014, JAPAN