About protection of individual information policy
The GYOKROEN (We say ¡ÈOur Company¡É below) The customer and we have kept various information from everyone of relationship at the time of management being active.
From the fact that it is important property of the individual concerning private information, we recognize the importance, we declare that the match below is executed.
¢¡ Private information management section
Company nameGYOKUROEN Food Industry Corporation
Section nameGeneral affairs
The person in charge nameMr.Takaaki Fujita
Address1-13-19, Sekiguchi, Bunkyo - Ku. Tokyo, Japan
Telephone number+81-3-3260-6464
FAX number+81-3-3260-5360
Office Hours9¡§00¡¡¡Á¡¡17¡§00

£±¡¥ Our Company sets up the management representative for individual information, and provides the internal rule, our company employed person, (The director, the rank-and-file worker, the part-timer, the temporary worker, and the dispatched worker, etc. are included) other parties concerned are made to know and it executes it and it maintains, and it improves it continuously.
£²¡¥ Our company, it limits it within the necessary range on the business, individual information is collected by an appropriate method. At the collection, a necessary matter like the collection method and the purpose, etc. is clarified, and possession individual information is collected.
£³¡¥ Our company excluding the instruction etc. based on the law within the range of the specified purpose of¡¡use, within the necessary range of the business needing and individual information is used. Moreover, it doesn't use outside the purpose, and take necessary measures.
£´¡¥ Our company doesn't offer the third party individual information, when with persons consent except it is based on the law, etc. When we consign the treat business of individual information to other companies etc, we are make contract with consignment company for hold by guidance and management for protectively of use, offer, security, control, based on the on approval when individual information is collected.
£µ¡¥ Our company appoint the person in charge of information management is in handling individual information section, individual information is kept accurate and the latest and we take necessary measures to prevent fraudulent computer access, the loss, destruction, the falsification, and the leakage, etc. to individual information.
£¶¡¥ Our company observes the indicator and the other standard that the law and the country concerning protection of individual information protection, indication, the correction, the deletion, and the suspension etc. of information are requested by the person in question for individual information and when we receive the complaint and the consultation, etc, we correspond promptly. Moreover, we endeavor to keep individual information to be accurate and the latest.

January 15th 2008
GYOKUROEN Food Industry Corporation¡¡Chief Executive Officer¡¡Mr. Hideaki Fujita
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