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Efficacy of kelp

The circulatory organs disease such as arteriosclerosis is prevented.

Kelp had attracted attention than before as a health food and a beauty food, has recently come under the spot light again as the food which has the effect of preventing cardiovascular disease. Food essential to modern people Kelp prevent cardiovascular disease, such as hardening of the arteries. Kelp contains abundant nourishments such as calcium, iodine, iron and various vitamins and so on. Helps bone growth and development of intelligence for children. And also for adult, iodine becomes raw material for the thyroid hormones, then boost the metabolism of the skin. Especially for women, iron is effective for anemia, and kelp is low-calorie so it is good for dieting. Although having many advantages in this way, it is not well known that kelp have a potential to prevent cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis. Kelp contains potassium which suppresses the uptake into the body of salt and expels salt to vitro andextracellular, and magnesium. So kelp is expected to have the effect of preventing hypertension of theelderly. In addition, the trace elements copper makes an enzyme which prevents the oxidation of cholesterol, helps prevent arteriosclerosis. For many modern people under nutritional imbalance, regardless of age or sex, kelp is an essential food. There is some familiar foods contain kelp. "Kelp tea" is one of them. In the various kind of kelp tea, GYOKUROEN Konbucha is made of carefully selected. Rausu kelp which is applauded for good quality. Rausu kelp, gathered in the Shiretoko Peninsula (world natural heritage site), Hokkaido, is demanded by the high class restaurant, and ranks as the finest in terms of price along with Ma-kombu, L. japonica. Not only for drinking as kelp tea, but also for cooking as a seasoning or secret ingredient, kelp tea has various usage. Kelp extracts the richness of the material. So it is ideal for seasoning, utilized easily to a various dishes. No wonder "GYOKUROEN Konbucha" which is applauded for good quality, is the top in Japan both the production volume and the sales volume.
Cited from Nikkei Joyful Life (No.2, 1997)

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